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You don't need to be an axe murderer, sex star or shamed sports hero to get effective publicity.

Susan Harrow, media trainer, marketing expert and author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul (HarperCollins), helps women promote themselves, their business, product or cause while keeping their clothes on and their integrity intact.

From her years of experience working one-on-on and in seminars with hundreds of women from CEOs to soccer moms, Susan has delved into the psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical needs of women in business. She can discuss how to:

* Close a deal, run a meeting, give a presentation, do a media interview, or create harmony in the household.
* Communicate more effectively with men and women by understanding the signals we send each other consciously and unconsciously through our conversations and actions.
* Develop your presence, your power as a woman, and your essential messages.
* Live a life of truth and honesty-while promoting yourself, your business, your book, your product or your cause.
* Double or triple your business with publicity while keeping your integrity intact.


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