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Letterman Lands Oprah-But Still Can't Get on Her Show

Harrow, author of "Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul," (HarperCollins) has media coached numerous authors who have appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, has written rticles about appearing on Oprah, teaches seminars on how to get booked on Oprah, and runs teleclasses that answer the top questions Oprah wannabes have.

In addition to personally mentoring the masses on how to get on Oprah, Harrow's "Oprah Training Kit " (the book and CDs) has helped hundreds of people learn what it takes to appear on Oprah.

True Shield™: Verbal Self-Defense For Girls

True Shield™: Verbal Self-Defense For Girls. In this course we distill and simplify the process of verbal self-defense for each of the most precarious situations that girls will encounter with friends, family, teachers, boyfriends, colleagues and strangers.

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Topics include

- Business communication
- Communication issues
- Women in the workplace
- Presentations, meetings and media relations
- Spiritual work
- Growing a business
- Interviewing for a job
- Increasing sales
- Improving customer service
- Becoming the message you want to give

Other ideas

- Time-tested techniques to control your image
- Proven strategies to make your story media worthy
- Discovering creative story angles for yourself, your company or your organization
- Professional secrets to develop media kits that work
- Powerful publicity tips to build your celebrity image
- Strategies that top publicists use to get their clients on top talk shows and in prestigious print publications
- Insider secrets to help you become an overnight expert
- Ways to capture a producer or editor's interest in 20 seconds or less
- Mistakes you can't afford to make

5 Essential Assertiveness Skills You or Your Daughter Need to Know Today to Become an Entrepreneur/Executive Tomorrow

1. Albert Einstein taught you something with a simple question. What is it?

2. Share with us the number one secret to getting your way that you’ve trained thousands of people to do for media appearances - that your daughter can do in a snap to get her way.
You say that there is an easy way to be heard, at a meeting, party, at school, even when people talk over you. Please tell us.

3. The Mormon missionaries have a strategy that you use in your True Shield: Verbal Self-Defense For Girls course that the YWCA, Girls Inc., Boys & Girls clubs and Girl Scouts are using that is key for becoming successful. Let us know.

4. There is a big mistake most girls make that stops them from being taken seriously — that can derail any negotiation, deal, or dangerous situation. How can they stop doing it?

5. You’ve created a Prevent Sexual Assault Vault and a #NotMe Movement. What’s in it and how can it help girls be more assertive? Tell us more about the #NotMe movement and why you started it.

Go to to access the vault. It’s under FREE on the top navigation.

The 60 Second Secret to Dealing With the Butt Grab at Work

1. You say that you can use your “intent” to thwart any advance. What do you mean by that?

2. I’m super curious about your simple two-step system (that takes just 60 seconds) that a woman can use in any situation to prevent sexual harassment or assault— including the butt grab.

3. There are 5 stances you say should assume in any situation to make sure no means no. What are they? What makes them so persuasive?

4. You’re a black belt in Aikido, Japanese martial arts. Please share with us the martial arts move that can save your skin — in and out of the office.

5. One of the biggest issues in the office and in social situations is the unwanted hug. There are many ways to avoid it and other physical encounters. Tell us 3 of the most effective.

6. Sexual harassment comes in so many forms. It seems the variations are endless! You have innovative solution to stop sexual harassment now. What is it?

7. You’ve created a Prevent Sexual Assault Vault and a #NotMe Movement. What’s in the “vault” and how can it help women be more assertive and stay safe? Tell us about the #NotMe movement and why you started it.

Go to to access the vault. It’s under FREE on the top navigation.
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